Emmett Gibson, born in Melrose Park, Illinois on September 15, 1916, was a remarkable individual. As the oldest of two sons, he embarked on a journey that would shape his life forever. Growing up in Maywood, Illinois, Emmett attended Proviso High School, where he discovered his passion for the German club, showcasing his diverse interests and intellectual curiosity. Despite not being involved in sports, he found his place as the dedicated ‘manager’ of the football team, leaving a lasting impression.

After graduating in 1933, Emmett ventured into various endeavors, initially joining the Maywood Tank Company. However, his path led him to Washington, DC, where he found himself working as a messenger boy for the U.S. Patent Office. His determination and dedication paid off as he secured a position in the Alcohol Tax Unit within the IRS, a turning point that allowed him to reunite with the Maywood Tank Company.

With his return to the tank company, Emmett’s life became intertwined with the armory, where camaraderie and learning thrived. Whether engaging in friendly card games or honing their tank expertise, the armory was a central hub for the Maywood Tank Company.

In November 1940, Emmett’s commitment and skills were recognized as he earned the rank of 2nd Lt., just days before the company was mustered into federal service as Co. ‘B’ of the 192d Tank Battalion. The journey continued as they relocated to Ft. Knox, KY, immersing themselves in rigorous tank combat training for six months. Emmett’s dedication and leadership resulted in a promotion to 1st Lt. in April 1941, signifying his exceptional abilities.

By September 1941, the company found themselves at Camp Polk, LA, receiving vital infantry training to complement their tank expertise. This marked a crucial phase before they were introduced to the groundbreaking Mk 1 Stuart Light tank. Within a mere three weeks, they were sent to San Francisco, embarking on a significant mission to ship out for the Philippines.

The story of Emmett Gibson’s experiences is a gripping tale that recounts the fall of the Philippines, witnessed firsthand by his father. Discover the harrowing accounts that unfolded during this tumultuous period. To delve into this captivating journey, click here.